she is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. she has the cutest smile in the whole world. she is the life of the party even though she is laid back and shy at times. she can turn someone’s mood from shit to amazing in .5 seconds
Friend: What’s your girlfriends name?
Me: Her name is reegan.
Friend: Do you like her?
Me: Hell yeah i do, she’s amazing. :)
by matt b :) November 28, 2018
Reegan, is a blonde haired gorgeous dude; awesome and cheerful, always keeps his cool. Popular with boys and girls, reegan is never short of company and is a good friend... girls adore him and boys appreciate his good humour and great sportsmanship
That boy sure is a (reegan).....
aw, i could do with a (reegan) to cheer me up right now
cor, that boys (hair) makes him such a (reegan)
by prettykitty123 February 3, 2010
is a personds name who is awesoem and goes to craisglea
reegan is a mad dude
by timj_92 November 22, 2007
fit as fuck and the best boyfriend a gay person could have !
reegan is fucking amazing xxxxxx
by awsefgh March 26, 2018
A girl who is fierce, feisty and usually a lil' shorty. If anyone crosses her she'll be angry. Most Reegans probably have black belts in karate or are some kind of ninja. Logical thinking, amazing personality and hair always looking sleek. She probably wears the littest ponytails. If you meet a Reegan, never let her go.
Guy: Let's rob a bank
Other Guy: Wait Look it's Reegan!

Reegan: Ninja kick!!!!!
Everybody: AAAHHHHH!!!!! *dies*

Banker: Thanks Reegan you're amazing
by m a c y May 30, 2019
Oh reegan... if you have a reegan, your lucky. Reegans typically go for boys that are red heads. Most Reegans have brown or blonde hair. Usually are into makeup and stuff like cosmetology. Reegans like gymnastics, or softball. Reegans have a average IQ and are very shy. If you and reegan are at a restaurant you will have to order for her. Reegans are also very dramatic but that’s ok. Reegans have brown or green eyes and a awesome nose that turns her into a boy magnet.
by Herroherroitstimefordashow November 18, 2018
NOT A GUY,, is bold and on the wild side. Don't mess with her or underestimate her quietness, she is a force to reckon with. Beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
"Bruh, you know Reegan? Yea she's really something."
by millyrockers2003 October 25, 2018