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The verbal representation on a long, obnoxious, low-toned jeer. Usually directed towards a specific individual, in can be used in a variety of ways, such as a greeting of a fellow individual (whom he would reply with the same jeer), taunting a disrespected other, or in response to a positive, enjoyable, or amusing event or situation.
"Ha! Look at that guy, he's getting beat up!"
*others join in*
by wasp2020 May 16, 2005
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The bellowing war-cry of the brutish Autist. If you ever hear it, it's a sign shit's about to go down and you need to run.
"Oh no, the Autist's REEing, RUN," Alex warned
by Skulley_McMeme November 12, 2017
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Usually far more drawn out than written above, along the lines of "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". It's the sound heard when someone decides to whine about a particular situation, be it something they want, or something happening to them. Typically a sound associated with squidgets.

Also, this word can be thrown in the face of said whiner to tell them precisely what you think of them.
by Jaggajack October 09, 2007
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A stupid ghetto slangterm made up in Scituate High School. The most "ghetto" school in the South Shore. Used to describe someone high as fuck.
Liam: " yo your mad reee dawg!"

Joe: " ya man i'm on that reee status after that blunt to the face!"
by scituatehigh@nnon. September 24, 2011
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