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The offspring of a 'redneck' and a 'normal' person. Picture Larry the Cable guy knocking up Sandra Bullock. The ensuing baby will indubitably have innate, annoying redneck qualities from it's father, whilst the mother would try to raise it with class so it has a good shot at succeeding in life. It'd grow up to be a person who, for the most part, fits into normal society, yet still has many annoying redneck quirks. Similar to an interracial child, yet a mix of culture instead of race.
"Yo, little Billy lives in a $300,000 house with his parents, and he goes to the finest prep school. Yet he still blows snot rockets in mixed company, and he fastened the seat back on his bike with duck tape. I haven't met his parents, but my guess is that little Billy is a rednick."
by cagedape January 13, 2010
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rednick is an increasingly popular term for a species of localized variation of redneck often found in the lesser known area of the NorthEast United States that is Appalachian in culture i.e. Pennsyltucky (area between Philly and Pittsburgh that sometimes extends north into New York state and south into West Virginia).

What separates a rednick from a redneck is that a rednick is the redneck variation of a Hipster. They often have interest in all hobbies you would expect of a redneck, but many times process just the corresponding basic skills associated. Unlike a redneck which is a true survival man, a rednick is a flasher of redneck skills and should not be relied upon to perform such skills in a dire situation.
I was driving thru Pennsyltucky over the weekend and some rednick drove up next to me in his pickup, rolled down his window, stuck his head out and hollered β€œHooty Who” as he proceeded to cut me off toting his ATVs in trailer and all.

Alternatively, some areas use rednick in an additional context to descript a situation in which a local redneck screws something up. Can be used to mean plans, or even physical objects such as beating your new 4-wheeler. Think of the first chip you get in the paint of a new car, that’s a rednick.
by The Almanac December 01, 2018
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