when you jack it too hard and you're dick goes red.
Billy got a red worm after a 8 hour mastubation session
by Bath Wanker October 8, 2018
when you walk up to a complete stranger and act like you've known them for years and say something completely random, leaving them in the most stupified state possible.
Red Wormer : Dad, i'm gonna need 100 bucks tonight for the big football game...

Innocent Bystander : i didn't know you had a son Chuck??

Red Wormee : i've never seen that guy before in my life, those damn red worming kids must be high as a kite and
straddling the fence to the spirit world.
by Mickey Darling August 5, 2009
Invention of this move is credited to Ty Tandcredi. First You begin by Pulling down your pants and spreading your butt cheeks as wide as possible. This will stretch your anus open and give a appearance of a red worm poking out to say hello. You then post up in a hidden area and wait for your unexpected friends to walk up and get a glance of the worm breaching the soil.
Ty surprised Matt Perry with the red worm last year and Matt had never been the same since
by cruntman August 28, 2021