The act of wrapping two penises around each other for sexual pleasure.
I accidentally walked in on two guys red vining. I thought they were conjoined twins before I realized what was going on...
by SavingYouth November 29, 2012
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When two men entwine their penises like a caduceus (from an episode of The Office)
The two dudes were red vining in the bathroom.
by joe bro November 29, 2012
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when two men intertwine their penises like the two snakes on the medical alert braclents
Me and Ashton had a good time red vining last night, almost two complete revolutions!
by mrsomebody December 01, 2012
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When two gay men's penises intertwine like the red snakes on the medical shield.
Oscar and Robert would practice red vining with their flaccid penises after intercourse.
by Daniel California December 05, 2012
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when two men wrap their penis' together.
Jason: what did you do last night man?

Joe: i was red vining with this guy i met at the club last night.
by Everest004 December 03, 2012
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1. A certain candy found in the cheaper of dollar store varities, with the ambiguous flavor "red," made of a mostly corn syrup and ANDY.

2. The new Bjork album.

3. A phrase common to the tri-state area, denoting a certain hilariousness found in ghettoicity.
by Lil pooikiewansteg September 01, 2004
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(n. réd vîyns) When a woman menstruates on her partners pubic region, and shoves the now bloodsoaked pubic hairs into either hers or her partners mouth, the bloody genital hair is known as Red Vines.
Ashley began devouring the fresh red vines she had created just above Matt's fully erect cock.
by Crpl. McFloppity May 25, 2009
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