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by D. BUBBS March 18, 2008
Molly Ringwald is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She became popular with teenage audiences in the 1980s, as a result of her starring roles in the John Hughes movies Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

Of course when referencing to some red-headed girl you don't know that looked hot, we do refer her as the red-headed tittie bitch.
Hey Joe, you know that red-headed tittie bitch that played in The Breakfast Club?

Oh yeah... Molly Ringwald! She is a pretty hot red-headed tittie bitch!
by MysteriousMax March 22, 2007
One guy: Hey, it's that red-headed titty bitch
Second guy: Yeah, I'd fuck that bitch so hard her brains would blow out.
Third guy: Isn't that the actress who played Donna from That 70's Show?
by robotussin March 22, 2007