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when an online site wont load or loads the wrong pages and you need to log out and login again to fix it.
man my facebook confused its links so i had to re-log!
by ottoman711 November 04, 2009
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Logging in to a game or online service directly after being connected. This is used to help whoever is relogging in one way or another, such as connective issues or getting something daily, and will tell friends that you will be afk during the time.
Player 1:(at 12:05 am) Have you got your daily gift yet?

Player 2: Relogging now

Example 2:

Player 1:Can't see anything in inventory, relogging
by Macaroni II August 13, 2012
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Short for "re-login."

To sign off and on again, usually with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).
People may relog to avoid being "lifeless."

Not to be confused with d/c.
Greg: Dan's been on AIM all day! Why doesn't he ever go outside?

Sean: Yeah, he relogs every two hours so it looks like he's got friends.
by Jasian66x August 10, 2008
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To log out and log back into a service you are already signed into. This is done by many online communities, generally to reset or refresh the connection in some way, but possibly to switch users. The term is used for various services which require a login, such as secured web pages, gaming services, instant messaging, and back-end server administration via SSH.
Whenever I get annoyed at a n00b, I re-log as my smurf account to pwn them without causing problems for my main character.
by eode December 02, 2014
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