Slang for sexual position with the girl on top facing away.

"She loves taking contol and her favorite sexual position is RCG.
by dreemweever November 2, 2003
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when people on tumblr or twitter say this they mean rob mcelhenney, charlie day, and glenn howerton
can you believe rcg are the kings of giving the gays everything they want?
by whereismygothbf May 4, 2018
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Stands for Right Curve Gang (in relation to the penis.) Bunch of inbred mongo wart dicked mofos. Worst pener gang.
Wow... you see that loser Brandon over there? He must be a member of RCG... poor fella.
by Lil Prostate May 29, 2018
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Abbreviation of Relatively Cute Girl

Code used in the workplace with select colleagues in order to point out good looking girls discreetly.
"Check out that blonde RCG! She makes me want to dip my pen in the company ink well."
by rckthx July 21, 2006
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Random Creepy Guy - A random and/or creepy guy who Photobombs or shows up in the background of a photo.
by jaskmackey1 April 6, 2010
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Random Cute Guy~ A guy who you see randomly, don't really know, yet he acts as if you know him well, and is very random. The most important feature of this guy is the fact that he is extremely cute, he is often adorkable as well.
Oh I saw my RCG again
by Dr Doak March 20, 2011
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