An adherent of rawism (raw foodism); a type of strict fad diet that entails sustaining on foods that are uncooked & only minimally heated. Many forms of food processing are also vilified.

The motives behind such diets are usually based on pseudoscientific notions that unheated foods are inherently safer, more nutritious, easier to digest & more natural. Generally these sentiments aren’t supported by food safety guidelines, nutritional science, or the history of human evolution. Some cooking and food processing methods can actually increase certain nutrients, make nutrients more bioavailable, ease digestion, and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

The most stringent rawist will reject foods that have been heated by anything other than sunlight & will only eat unprocessed/minimally processed whole foods.

Some rawist are more flexible. They are open to eating certain processed foods and every so often they will eat a meal that incorporates foods cooked extra-extra-rare (40°C seems to be the arbitrarily chosen limit).
For a semester in college I was a rawist because I didn’t realize people can put information on the internet that isn’t true
by IbreathAir February 23, 2021
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A phrase generally used in close proximity to rilist and almost always prefaced by da. Used for hyperbolic effect to denote the coolness of something which is usually not that awesome.
"That game was da rawist dawg."

"Dat was da rawist thing ever."

"Man I went to dis banger, it was da rawist."
by 74123698 December 18, 2011
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