A girl's breast to ass ratio. This is no definable number, but instead simply a way of describing how a girl's breasts and ass complement each other. Generally a girl with a better ratio is seen as more attractive.
Dude, that girl has an amazing ratio! I'm gonna go talk to her!
by boogerh7 July 06, 2011
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The ratio of women you truly love/girls you've slept with/girls you've kissed. This term always involves 3 numbers.
Kenneth: What's your ratio since you met Jen?

Thomas: 1/4/7
Kenneth: I'm only 10 over 15
by bobsaget21 November 04, 2019
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An annoying term that originates on the toxic waste dump of a site known as Twitter, where a person would reply or retweet an image or video on something they believe is bad, and supposedly, their post is supposed to get more likes, retweets, and/or comments than the post they are replying to or retweeting, hence the name "ratio".
"imma ratio this bitch to prove everyone likes this more than them"
by That2000'sKid October 16, 2020
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