A girl/guy that likes you eat and or tongue someone anus.
"I rat sharked my friends brother."
by cubtbuster69 February 2, 2018
Someone (usually a young white male) who hangs around the an Anglo-Catholic church, volunteering for every liturgical role and relishing being an insider.
I know he can be a pain, Father, but if it wasn't for Bill being a real sacristy rat, we wouldn't have a subdeacon.
by O Pai dos Gatos January 9, 2021
Meaning when someone is unpubic or hasn't reached puberty
Shut up you hairless rat
by Secrecy April 6, 2017
The Mythical rat raper is a very dangerous animal they originate from Nigeria. They came from a lab which they were mutated from a kangaroo and a venomous snake. Their name is Mythical rat raper because they come out of their holes at night and go after rats to breed with them. After they breed with the rats they bite them on the neck and kill them instantly with their neurotoxin that’s how they Lure them in. The mythical rat Raper is a extremely dangerous animal they can kill a dog in less than 30 seconds
Those mythical rat rapers are very dangerous
by Bigballer2652 January 18, 2022
Some one who likes to use psychedelic drugs and other hallucinogens.
guy1: Dude you're such a trip rat.
guy2: your head is inflating like a balloon.
by dj lunchbox November 4, 2008
a random word i say to my siblings as some kind of insult? lol
ur such a rat attack _____
by iam sheeeesh September 25, 2021
A man or women, who randomly flash themselves to unsuspecting victims.

Usually to insert dominance or sexual tension.
I was walking with my friends and a man jumped out of a bush and preformed the rat attack
by Mosby2564 January 6, 2021