When a guy has sex with a girl while she is on her period, ejaculates inside of her, and then eats her out.
Sam: "Ian why aren't you hungry?"
Ian: "I had some of Miranda's raspberries and cream earlier today."
by Janet O'Malley June 7, 2007
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When you have sex with a girl who's on her period, you jizz on her chin, and rub it around with your penis. This can only be done in December.
Playa 1: "dude what'd you get for christmas?"
Playa 2: "my girlfriend let me give her a raspberry cream Santa."
by JoshZ January 15, 2013
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when you f*uck a girl on her period with no rubber and successfully cream pie her, when it oozes out you have a raspberry cream pie.
Jay Z: "ayo Kanye, Kim is being a bitch today!"

Kanye: "yea man she's on the rag"

Jay Z: "No pussy for you then hahaha, itschaboy"

Kanye: " Naw ill just give her a raspberry cream pie, you ain't got the answers Jay"
by Phil T Rich July 28, 2017
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Raspberry Ice Cream is a code word for when a women starts to abruptly menstruate, but does not want to announce it.
“I got some raspberry ice cream melting in my car, I gotta go!”
by Sweattyroach June 16, 2021
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