a latin term meaning snow cones usually used in towns along the mexican american border.
My brother and I used to love to buy raspas everytime we went to a baseball game.
by Orionis Prime July 07, 2004
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Chilean slang for "Get the fuck out of my way". Generally used by temperamental people, with aggressive means, or merely to sound more intimidating. See flaite. Don't confound with raspas.

North-American Tourist: Huh?

Flaite: *Pushes aside aggressively, making him fall on the ground* DIJE RASPA AHUEONAO! Gringo maricón...

Tourist: Ow, my teeth bleed.
by OtmShankIiI March 30, 2009
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Similar to an upper-decker, except a female places her used tamparoon into the upper tank of the toilet. When the next poor unsuspecting person flushes the toilet, they get a bowl of tomato soup. The cherry raspa is a weapon of terror and should be used only when a woman is at the height of her menses. A highly effective tool against your mortal enemies
"That guy was total asshole, so I dropped him off a cherry raspa."
by VRM/CMO April 12, 2014
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