A Pepe that is rare. A collector will always be on the look-out for new rare pepes to add to their collection, which no doubt already contains a lot of rare pepes. While one might be inclined to show off their rare pepes it is adviced to do so with caution, should the rare pepe be shared too much there is a good chance it will devalue in rarity.
person 1: Oh wow that is a rare pepe!
person 2: Save it, it's all yours my friend. I have plenty of more rare pepes in my collection.
by hagueharry July 3, 2015
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something that would probably attract a lot of NFT bros right now
"Hey did you hear that guy just sold one of his rare pepe NFTs for $100,000?"
"Yeah what an absolute scumbag"
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian February 15, 2022
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the rare pepe frog is a popular meme and u can sell a picture of the rarest pepe frog on ebay for 1000 or over because that picture is rare because its only showed in memes just a bit and not alot of peps will buy it on ebay O3O
oh yeah i know the rare pepe frog i love that meme hahhahahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahaha but sadly the normies killed him REST IN POPCORN pepe
by katesnotpie December 1, 2015
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