Where a group participate in the joint venture of kicking a football at the 'loser' of a game or sport; commonly 1T 1B.
-The consequential result of being the first person to make the given number of mistakes (generally dictated the number of letters in the designated word for that game; i.e. donkey (6 mistakes)) during a game of '1T 1B' an adaptation of football 'keepie uppies'.
Gylo, you have 'donkey', you must now receive rapps.
by Charlie VB May 11, 2006
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A word or term used to refer as a quick "rapid" ride on your motorcycle.
"Hey man, do you wanna go for a rapp ?"
"Sup!, do you wanna take my bike for a rapp ?
by Fr3@k0 April 28, 2009
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another word for thug and gangstah


A master of Counter Strike.
Do it Rappe-style!
by Uno Los Rapelito May 14, 2011
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Anthoyn Rapp was the actor who originally played Mark Cohen in the hit broadway Musical Rent. He repirsed his role in the movie version of Rent. Also he plays in dazed and Confused and A Beatiful Mind. He lives in New York and is with his partner Rodney To.
by Merzy Cohen June 22, 2006
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grungy truthful hot spitfire coming from up and coming hungry mc's
"I used to slang dirty rapps to my PA fans.." bun beater
by ooohdane June 10, 2008
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This is the fourteenth track of the 2004 album MM FOOD, created by MF DOOM
Along with Vomitspit, this song is widely known for its iconic beat and simple but effective chorus.
The song featured Mr. Fantastik and was one of DOOM's best.
The meaning of the song is to express hatred and anger towards rappers that snitched on their own label when learning that their label was doing illegal things.
The chorus is:
"Rapp Snitch Knishes, tellin' all they business
Sittin' in court, they be they own star witness
Do you see the perpetrator, yeah I'm right here
Fuck around, get their label sent in for years."
MF mothafuckin DOOM droppin' another banger! Is called "Rapp Snitch Knishes"
by MobbParadise May 24, 2021
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