A word often used to describe a higher degree of 'ownage' or 'pwnsauce'.

Typical usage is during competitive gaming and other group activities in which one person is the absolute superior to others.
Bill: Did you see that? 35 frags in a row.

Jedd: Yeah, that run was pure rapesauce!
by LeviathanRX February 21, 2007
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the taste that a noob tastes in their mouth while or after getting owned by somone
wow i just headshotted you, how does the rapesauce taste?
by meowmix444 December 28, 2008
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sumthing that expressed how much of a douche sumbody is
"thats guys a douche bag supreme with a side of rapesauce!"
by EVERY1THINKS SO October 28, 2005
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What steven and justin do in gears of war 2. A special topping the losers get on them when they get rapped.
Steven-"wow justin we just kicked their ass in gears"
justin-"yeah i just filled up my bottle of A1 Rapesauce"
by Gears of War Rapes March 05, 2009
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The total and complete domination of any enemy team in a video game is said to taste of rapesauce. Said mostly when taunting an enemy before or after the game, or to describe an action.

Also spelled as-

Rape Sauce

*Note- Rapesauce is said to taste like a thick hot sauce with sugar and lime added.
Before game example-
General example-
"That (subject) was pure Rapesauce."

Player #1-"Look at these newbs, it's time to pwn them!"
Player #2- "Yeah, I can smell the rapesauce already."

After game-

Victor to loser- "How do you like the taste of my rapesauce!?!?"
by WNxProphecy7777 March 07, 2008
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A sauce that literally is too good for your taste buds and rapes them, figuratively.
This rapesauce is really good with hamburgers and hot dogs.

The person needed some rapesauce for his meal.
by A man who lives in Protown. November 23, 2011
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