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1. The act of completely destroying someone or when a team destroys another team.

2. When a bunch of guys rape a bunch of girls.
1. When Argentina won 6-0 in soccer it was a rapefest. When Mike Tyson knocked out that guy with 25 consecutive punches it was a rapefest.

2. Duke Lacrosse (maybe)
by TDOggg August 18, 2006
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Rapefest (n)- To embarrass and dominate your opponent so badly, they never turn their console(Ps3 or XBOX) on again.
That nuke at 2500-0 was the hardest I've ever lost due to that rapefest on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
by IusemodelsFTW December 23, 2009
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Similar to pwn, but more extreme. Typically used in reference to a super smash brothers game.
Ahhhh! What a rapefest!

That last game was a total rapefest!

The first few seconds of every super smash brothers game is always a rapefest.
by MeHoff, Jack January 09, 2008
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