1. The act of completely destroying someone or when a team destroys another team.

2. When a bunch of guys rape a bunch of girls.
1. When Argentina won 6-0 in soccer it was a rapefest. When Mike Tyson knocked out that guy with 25 consecutive punches it was a rapefest.

2. Duke Lacrosse (maybe)
by TDOggg August 19, 2006
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Similar to pwn, but more extreme. Typically used in reference to a super smash brothers game.
Ahhhh! What a rapefest!

That last game was a total rapefest!

The first few seconds of every super smash brothers game is always a rapefest.
by MeHoff, Jack January 9, 2008
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Rapefest (n)- To embarrass and dominate your opponent so badly, they never turn their console(Ps3 or XBOX) on again.
That nuke at 2500-0 was the hardest I've ever lost due to that rapefest on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
by IusemodelsFTW December 23, 2009
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a rapefest that occurs in the year 2008. Typically, the term rapefest '08 is used when rapefest just doesn't quite describe how bad someone got raped.
Did you see that headshot!??!? that was rapefest '08.

I totally got rapefest '08ed last game.
by zwand91 September 7, 2008
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