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When you're so stupid/annoying/fake that I want to smash your face with a rake
Ugh, that bitch is a rake face
Rake face the bitch
by das_sour29 September 16, 2016
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Ever kissed a rake? Of corse not, you'd look stupid. Much the same can be said of a rake face, one who is so ugly/stupid/other that to be seen kissing it, would be like seen snifing your mums undies.
Ally McBeal is a right rake face, man, gimmie ten minites with a hammer!
by Luke Harbinson November 25, 2003
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When someone steps on a rake and the handle hits their face...rakeface.
You should expect a rakeface or two if you try to rob McCauley Culkin's house on Christmas.
by leenirama March 29, 2011
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