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Once you meet one dont ever loose her! She is the sexiest, prettiest, most popular, kindest, caring, hottest, and most amazing girl. She has a rockin body! She is a crazy best friend but the best. She is very athletic and is talented in everything. But if you make her sad, she will hate you, but never does anything bad to you because she's too kind. She is really smart about keeping friends and getting the guys she wants! She's a smartass bitch and can put you where she wants you. If she doesnt like you, she doesnt show it, because she hates being mean to people and apoligizes a lot. She can keep any promise or secrets you tell her! She is amazing in bed and has many secret talents. Most people are really jealous of her and a lot try to bring her down but since she is so confident she will never be brought down. Even if she's sad she will never show it, because she wants everyone to be happy around her. But she is very stressed and thinks about being good to other people rather than herself. She is loved by everyone! Everyone wants to be a raisa! She is the most caring girl alive and if you know a Raisa your world will be like a dream.
sheee isss so hot

what a raisa
by Mike542Cole March 08, 2013
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sexiest chick alive, smart, cool, hot, and you are lucky to have one, good at sex
I love raisa
by Cole90210 March 07, 2013
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Raisa means rose in Russian and was the name of Michael Gorbachev's wife. It also means princess in Arabic.

It could also mean someone who is unique and has a great personality.
by Raisa May 06, 2005
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Raisa is the best friend you'll ever get. She's amazingly sweet and can be you're sister. She LOVES burrritos, people, and ravioli. She's a people person. She can always keep your secrets and will love you forever. She got a rocking booty but doesn't admit it. She's that person that you can always trust and will make you laugh and cry. Don't hurt her because she is a fragile flower blooming with beauty. She is also a unicorn in disguise. #shesdabomb
Raisa is my sister
by yv March 05, 2015
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describes the coolest person you know
mean wayyyyyyyy cool
wowwwwwwwwwwww he/she is raisa
by raisa January 23, 2005
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adj. means reallllllllyyyy cooooooool and the best. originates from a really cool person who is the best and rules called Raisa!!!!
wwwwooooowww he/she is soooooooo raisa!!!
by Raisa January 27, 2005
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