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noun: A group of homosexual men. Commonly wear tight blue jeans that are acid stained and ripped at the knees. Love to shop for flip-flops and tight, colorful t-shirts. Sometimes will be spotted with a scarf or other accessory. Awesome hair cuts that make girls (and guys) swoon. May/ may not talk with a lisp or light, feathery voice.

Usually an all right bunch of chaps; (though some are known to be defensive of their sexuality for no apparent reason, they just get offensive and assume people are talking behind their backs).

They commonly attract the unwanted attention of the opposite sex and when said person finds out that their crush is gay, the female usually laughs and swears in frustration. (She should have known all along that a guy who likes to go shopping and likes chick-flicks was not playing on the same team).

Anyway, these group of "flammers" commonly get together and hang out and talk about boys that they are dating/ have dated/ want to date. Contrary to poular belief, they are not a gang bang group. They actually try NOT to have sexual realtions with each other. It's too messy to bugger your best mate without akwardness after all. They also protect each other from homophobes, teachers, jocks etc.
ex 1: The rainbow brigade got in trouble at school today for they obnoxious posters on gay pride... again.

ex 2: Morrissey of the Smiths made thousands of women everywhere swoon. It was not until later that all the jelous boyfriends of said girls would figure out his secret was that he was bisexual. Upon discovery said group of boys deccided that they had nothing to worry about an longer.

note: Morrissey is BISEXUAL meaning that he does not have to be all prepy happy. He is more or less on the angsty-bi spectrum then gay.
by ourladyofsorrowsxxx March 23, 2007
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A homosexual male usually wears scarves and jumpers that straight people may consider to be gay
He belongs to the rainbow brigade
Pointing to a man in a gay jumper and gay scarf
by Spitch February 24, 2012
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