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women's pants (or underpants) that are so tight, they cause the same effect as "camel toe" (vagina lips are visually split apart through the fabric)
"She has some serious rail splitters on today"
by HSW1987 May 19, 2010
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When she is lined upon reverse cowgirl and about to come down but you miss both holes and hit the taint
Man, last night, Carol came down on me and it ended up being a rail splitter
by PinHeadLarry3 November 09, 2017
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A roadie specializing in arranging lines of nose candy on the tour bus. When the band is finished with their show, they have little slices of heaven waiting for them.
Groupie: Can you get me on the bus?
Railsplitter: No, but I can get you high as heeeelllllllll.
by Bum Stigity Bum April 08, 2010
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