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an arabic word meaning the nectar of the flowers, or in other words ''what honey is made out of''

used as a name for a really rare, seductive, elegant, & an intelligent woman
woowwaa look at that raheeq
emm emm emm raheeq is the name she deserves
by pixie89 May 02, 2011
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A hot ass sexy ass bitch. Usually the funniest in the group but doesn't do the best of ideas. Very creative and an interesting creature. A person named Raheeq is thicc sl just a reminder. However does have a tendency to make bets or gamble which do not end the best way. However, in general this person is hot and thicc and very intelligent.
Oooouuuu is that Raheeq, fuck she thiccc. Man I which I was Raheeq.
by Pussyslayer.69 March 26, 2017
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