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the time a man spends searching for a condom when he is about to have an unanticipated sexual encounter. it is during this time that a man is particularly vulnerable to losing his erection and returning to heavy-dick or complete flaccidity
"I thought we were just gonna chill and watch movies, but she started kissing on my neck and shit. I could either take a chance and go raw or race against time and hope for the best."
by southshore August 15, 2007
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A game; where upon a man smothers his erect penis with Vaseline or some other comparable lubricant, wraps it with sandpaper, and then proceeds to masturbate.

He wins by ejaculating before the lube is replaced with blood.
-"Why isn't Bobby in class today?"

-"He played Race Against Time last night, and lost."

by Himself666 June 18, 2010
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