A person who has no eyebrows, a huge forehead and is very unpopular. Claims to have alot of friends but only has their family as friends. A person who is very annoying and you have to slap them on the forehead constantly.
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by MUSGROVE October 1, 2009
Early species of undeveloped man, it has tendencies to sniff when it feels a sense of accomplishment, not to be mistaken for somebody of jewish descent.
His behaviour was similar to that of a cro-magnon
by Kran dillan December 21, 2019
That point in man's evolution about 200,000 years ago when Homo Sapiens started appearing. One of the features that differentiated "Modern Man" from previous iterations was a prominent chin aside from an upright posture and powerful strength.

Cro-Magnon would then be used to denote the start or beginning of an era, period, birth, or something.
It would be safe to state that the coronavirus' cro-magnon was a few months prior to the first reported cases in Wuhan in November 2019.

We are trying to figure out the cro-magnon of Trump's amazing ability to disappoint as we believe this goes way back before he even ran for president.
by LePeripateticien October 15, 2021