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One way to write "love" in Japanese. You probably heard it in the "meduka" video and are wondering what it means. It should be pronounced "ra-boo" instead of "ray-boo" like in the video, but it's funnier to say it wrong.
"Meduka.......... Rabu........" - Hameru
by pacman on crack October 15, 2020
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the horrible japanese pronounciation of "love" except with super heavy accents on "la" and "vu", thus making it RA-BU. It is a horribly ridiculous and embarrassing term couples use when they're mushy and uberly happy. The word is often used twice consecutively for an extra emphasis.
"God, they're so frickin rabu rabu."
"How are you guys doing lately?" "Us, oh we're super rabu rabu!"
by Aminin September 9, 2006
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1. Term used to describe an exceptionally larger than normal and disgusting bowel movement.
2. Used in place of the word "fuck", but only in a negative context.
1. Oh man those tacos are doing a number on my gut, I'm gonna have to take a greasy rabus real soon.
2. You got fired from that sweet job for sleeping with the bosses daughter? Oh man you really rabused that up!
Use both in conjunction:
e.g. That rabus really rabused up my crapshoot.
by stained glass September 26, 2010
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An English speaker's interpretation of an incomprehensible Engrish phrase commonly said by Maids in Maid Cafes within the Akihabara of Japan.

The literal meaning of "Rabu Rabu, Nyan Nyan" is "Love Love, Meow Meow" and is said to emphasize the Maids' Kawaiiness or cuteness.
Watashi no name wa Kazumi desu. Rabu Rabu, Nyan Nyan!

My name is Kazumi. Love Love, Meow Meow!
by Kaigenji July 17, 2010
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