1. A toss up, roll of the dice, or a gamble. Anything could happen.
2. Taking a bet purely for the action of it, not based on the odds in one's favor.
3. In poker, making a call for a large amount purely on a draw just to take a chance at the reward.
1. My internet connection has been a crapshoot lately with all the storms and power outages.
2. That team has been up and down lately but I got a good feeling about tonight, at the least it's a crapshoot.
3. I figured I'd take a crapshoot and try to catch the flush on him after his comments at the table all night, would have been straight crenshaw to piss that prick off.
by Dave.R. July 01, 2006
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An attempt to ask people on a bus that only accepts change to break one dollar bills so that you can pay the fare.
"If the Bee-Line bus system accepted dollar bills, then I wouldn't be doing a fare crapshoot right now."
by tyankou December 22, 2009
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