R= (RESEARCH) this is where u go to a party (orgy) and u find unknown slappers. u then do a bit of chat and in 15 minutes u are upstairs doing ur thing with them.

P= (PROSTATE) this is where u meet with them and there so comfortable with you allready coz theres slappers they want give u a free prostate check while containing ur nuts in there mouths.
anthony: hey i herd use got some girls at the party, what use do with them ?

musti:we did the classic r and p ;)
by mustiii April 22, 2011
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Rest In Peace
Robbery In Progress
Rapist In Proximity
Racist In Power
Resistance In Public
Runner In Pain
Roofie In Pinot Grigio
R I P Big Hardon, you didn't last long in prison sometimes the bad die young too.
by Solid Mantis September 21, 2016
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what ~*HARDDCOREEE!*~ panic at the disco fans adopted to saying after the band removed the ! from their name.
kid 1: omfg! panic at the disco lost the ! D: R!P!!!
kid 2: omfg! -cutz self- VIVA LA !!!!!
by ROYAN RAWSS. July 17, 2008
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A hashtag From the Book, "What we saw". Stands for "Raping and Pillaging"
Buccs Be Rapin' and Pillagin'! Or #r&p
by Defboi October 28, 2018
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LRP stands for Long Range Pimpin. It means you have hos not just in your city, but in long range.
According to E-40, in a song featuring Passion, "Baller's Lady" he has a bar "Long Range Pimpin, L-R-P's//got em over here, got em overseas"
by Ricky Kwok August 18, 2006
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A game closely assosiated with H-O-R-S-E. This game is played on a trampoline.
"lets go play some T-R-A-M-P"

" I beat him T-R to T-R-A-M-P"
by kgticket21 March 1, 2010
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