Away to get around websence for...
or any thing u want
will revise when
proxy avoider is downloaded
a p-r-o-x-y avoider sim to get around websence
by travis brewer December 6, 2007
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lots of roux

see my first addition for the definition on roux
guy 1: hey I got "b i g r o u x"
guy 2: that's chill
by CarpetEater is a god agree? October 9, 2019
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R and R two lost souls in an ocean of centiments
R x R fish out of the water, needing their own oxygen
by Quira7 November 22, 2021
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R x R is the denomination of the feeling of two soul mates
R x R, I will never forget you even if life separates us
by Quira7 November 22, 2021
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An acronym? Or abbreviation? Letters, words, a sentence?
"D'ya try, um, U-y X-z? New generation social network.
Connection innovative focused on community! =)"
You are why I exist -U R Y I X S Z
by yxist January 22, 2023
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