An allotment of timely interaction one assigns to a group or a member of a group. A specific amount that serves as means of maximum exposure to an individual or a group sharing similar interests. When one reaches maximum point, one 'calls quota' before pleasant interactions evolve into irksome experiences.
"I have done lunch with you twice this week. I call quota on you before I get bored with you. See you next week."

Note: This is an example of a thought process. It is NOT advisable to speak of quotas aloud. If quotas are informed to public, there may be a risk of not having any individuals or groups to call quota on.
by Mehreen August 12, 2006
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A set minimum number of tickets and/or citations each police officer must issue every calendar month.
β€œCan you believe that dick pulled me over for going like 5 mph over the limit? End of the month asshole was just trying to make his quota.”
by Myowndragon May 05, 2019
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