A street term for an organic fluid known as semen. The discharge of quist is called ejaculation.
Bill Clinton: Hey bitch, open your mouth so I can quist in it.

Monica Lewinsky: Oh i just love your quist Bill.
by IamSammman June 19, 2010
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also known as Life and Times

1. to have an abnormally busy social life when concerning women.

2. a pothead pimp or junkie playa

3. also "pulling a quist" denotes having more than 3 calls interupt eachother when on the phone.
1. "yo, dude, what the fuck was up yesterday man? i couldnt reach you"

*shrugs* "life and times man, you know how it is"

2. "what are you doing on the phone for so long you dirty quist?"
by DorianEzra June 01, 2005
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1. To be extremely goofy and unlucky in ways that no one could imagin.

2. The asshole of a group who everything gets blamed on when something goes wrong.

3. The kid in a group of friends who is always the one who gets fucked with all of the time.
1. Good job Quist, the one time you dont sit bitch in the car we get into an accident.

2. Wow I can not believe that you knocked over all of the beers, nice job Quist.

3. Lets all kick Quist's chair until it tips over then when he is on the ground we should tie him up with our belts and see if he crys.
by Dat Piff November 28, 2007
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