Someone who acts as if they are gay
Johnny was acting quier to me today.
by Esmirwwm February 1, 2016
A 2018 meme created in Latin America. It's usually portrayed as a baby Labrador Retriever usually named Perro or Quieres Dog giving you a blunt asking "Quieres?" which translates to "You want?" Even though it's dead in American and European countries, it still has a huge impact in Latin America.
by PabloGrassEaterOfAss October 10, 2019
Quieres or ¿Quieres? Is a spanish word stands for "You want?" It became a meme of a puppy with a human hand holding a cigarette towards the viewer with the word "¿Quieres?" on screen as a fourth wall breaking meme
Me : Hey pal, is that a cigarette in your hand?
Dog nibba : ¿Quieres?
by verbalase9000 April 8, 2019