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The best man to ever walk the earth, will make you laugh and smile even at your lowest times. The sweetest guy; all the girls wish they could have him. Keeps to himself, doesn't really like people but he'll like you if you give him a reason too. You'll fall in love with his personality, his looks are just a bonus, you'd have to be the luckiest girl to even keep him for a few months.Quenton, the best of the best
by Boobsmagoo February 01, 2014
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A brave yet sometimes shy man. Some say he is a god that fell from heaven because of his looks. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet no matter what anyone says. He has beautiful eyes that make you feel good if you look him in the eye. Another one of his specialitys is his charming smile, he can make you smile and laugh even when you are feeling down.
Wow, did you see Quentons beautiful eyes, i almost fainted.
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Quentons are snakes cocky beast they are not to be confused with Quintons who are usually great. Quentons love to talk about how good they are to EVERYONE. They are good at Sports and school but need to shut up about it so if you are Quenton SHUT UP PLEASE
Quenton stop being such a dick wad please
by SHYAH_IS_SUPERIOR May 08, 2019
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