A term used to describe the condition of someone who just got clocked lovely, but is still barely standing somehow, or was knocked down and unwisely got back up. Marked by wobbly legs and a glazed over look in the eyes. Many men have been sent here courtesy of Mike Tyson (see Michael Spinks in 1988). Has nothing to do with sexual orientation.
See Zab Judah after being hit by Kostya Tzsu. www.ebaumsworld.com/knockoutdance.html

See Tyson vs. Douglas (Buster in round 8, Mike in the 10th)

"Big right hand by Hearns, and Duran is on queer street!"
by Sweet-P April 9, 2006
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English term meaning in financial difficulties.
from 'Brideshead Revisited,' Charles' father hearing his son talk about money, states that his son 'is in queer street.'
by andrew norris-north February 21, 2023
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A queer who is public about it usually a queer that lacks any sort of skill, trade, or any athletic ability. A person that people have the right to make fun just because they can't do anything right
Man, Fuck Markell that damn street queer left me all these walls to paint
by Tankengine97 February 12, 2018
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