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A mass quanity of all things amazing concentrated in one person, place, or thing.
"It's so... just... I can't describe this. It is too good to be true, too amazing to be real... It's... Quah."
by spiffsteph June 08, 2006
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The shortened version of the town Tahlequah in Cherokee Co. Oklahoma.
Oh he's from the Quah.
by redg November 09, 2010
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The word QUAH is an acronym tha stands for "QUad Asses Hairy" as in four men's hairy asses together.
Dude, did you see the QUAH streak at C-town's homecoming football game, it was sweet!
by Bagala October 10, 2006
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To display one's private parts in photographs that subsequently emerge when the subject of the photos runs for public office or comes to prominence of some kind.

When an Australian family values political candidate had sent three partly naked pictures of himself on the internet, he became world famous. He was dubbed "Australia's smallest loser".
He did a Quah.

It was a Quah style incident.

That photograph is Quah.

Pour Quah?
by Samuel M Bond November 03, 2007
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