Much like "Double penetration" and "Triple penetration," it is the act of 4 male genitals entering a females body through each "hole," at least one "hole" will have two male genitals inside. "Hole" refers to the female vagina, the anal hole, or the mouth.
"Quadruple Penetration" may be prominent in something like porn.
by Just another contributor October 29, 2013
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When one masters the art of quadruple penetration.

Can be used as a literal or hypothetical statement.
Sean: "What're you up to later tonight?"
Porter: "Gonna QP the shit outta some chick."
Sean: "QPM!"

Paul: "Hey man, wanna go out for beers later?"
John: "Sorry dude, got a lot of school work to take care of"
Paul "It's all good you Quadruple Penetration Master!"
by Master QP April 23, 2010
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