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A story contained in four parts.

Mostly known from the title of the boxset of Aliens-series films, "Alien Quadrilogy." An awkward mix of Greek and Latin, seen as incorrect by some linguists (despite the common word "television" being a similar combination of Greek and Latin). The Latin-rooted word "tetralogy" means the same thing and avoids the awkwardness.
The first two parts of the Alien Quadrilogy are considered masterpieces, while the last two parts are considered duds.
by SG Fan November 01, 2004
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A made up word meaning a 4 part series. people often mean tetralogy when they say quadrilogy.
dude one ~ have you need the alien quadrilogy?

dude two ~ don't you mean alien tetralogy?
by not stupid03 April 24, 2010
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A series of four.
Those four books were the best quadrilogy I have ever read.
by fedex777 October 14, 2009
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