That was so funny ql!
by mj4mayor June 14, 2009
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A synonym for COOL in the sense of AWESOME. QL sounds like cool.
Look at my new tattoo.
QL bro.
by Randonarchy April 3, 2021
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You are so cool. Sms. language. Used to tell someone to tell them that they are cool.
Often used as a sarcastic fraise.
hi clark. u r so ql.
by John Smith August 17, 2003
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You are so incredibly bored.
Go back to work.
If you are trying to find a new definition using the keyboard, read this story of how broke my wrist from finding definitions.

It was a long summer weekend in 2020 (BAD YEAR) i was on Urban Dictionary trying to find some definitions, i fell off i chair and it fell onto my wrist and it broke. The End.
Player 1: qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm
Player 2 has entered the game
Player 2: =\-09p8o7i6u5y4t3r2e1'w;ql/k.j,hmgnfbdvscaxz
Player 1: You Win
by Gamerminecraft2000 April 5, 2022
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