Qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp is what you type when you have nothing to do and is very bored. You may also type this at school or work when you are trying to look like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
I am soooo bored. I'm going to type qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp.
by jgjgfytff May 22, 2019
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When you are so unbearably bored that you run your finger up and down across the keyboard to spell qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp. You've done it all, do something better with your life
by the beepis boi April 11, 2018
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when you have reached the absolute maximum stage of boredom and you've typed the keyboard in any other way.
I have typed the keyboard in every way but qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp im gonna do that.
by Instagram@jeremy__lenz June 6, 2018
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This is the divine sentence of which bored I.T. students
tap in to see what comes up in google.
Student 1: "d00d! I just totally broke google when I wailed on the keyboard!"
Student 2: "I win. qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp owns you.
by pwnz0r0r0r April 27, 2007
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Man 1: Hey, I just typed qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp in google!
Man 2: Oh, that probably means you've already tried all other keyboard combinations then right?
by thee GINGE December 7, 2009
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When you've reached ultimate boredom and you've already searched "qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp" and "zaqxswcdevfrbgtnhymjukilop" so you combine them to get "qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp." Not go back to doing you're boring things.

Friend 1: "Hey dude, I'm so bored I don't know what to do.

Friend 2: "Try typing in qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp on Google.

Friend 1: "I've already done that.:

Friend 2: "Have you tried zaqxswcdevfrbgtnhymjukilop?"

Friend 1: "Done that."

Friend 1: " Wait, those two combined make qazxswedcvfrtgbnnhyujmkiolp."

Friend 2: "Your a genuis."
"Yesterday I was bored doing homework so I typed in qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp on Google.
by Sucker123098 November 16, 2019
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