Derived from 'own' 'ownage'; common typographical error due to rapid typing without accuracy by players of usually fast paced video games. The corruption 'pwn' subsequently became standard usage.

Of late a wider application of the word has been utilized, perhaps diminishing the exclusivity somewhat.
I just beat WJ at pool 8-2, pure pwnage!
by SuperHamzah October 07, 2010
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Two definition.
1:something you can give
2:something you can take

Pwnage is the quite hilarious and joyful event of being annihilated
or giving doom to another person, persons or non-person..Usually resulting in an after-death tea-bag, rape, or "thrown off a cliff" action
N00bish One-Dude did you totally see that pwnage??
N00bish Two- I wish I could, but your arse is bumping my facee
by igetpwnedtoo January 31, 2008
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hey idiots pwnage stems from pwn yes
but pwn is not misspelling of own its powerfully own
pwnage is like pwn only even better

also can be used as a water polo cheer when one team is pwning
this definition is way better than the other... pwnage!
by natalieg December 22, 2006
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Pwnage comes from ownage or 0wnage or 0wn4g3. It commonly means "pistol ownage."
Dude, I pwn3d j00 with my deagle, bitch!
by Colin Dean May 18, 2004
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The art of owning someone. Albert Einstien invented this when he was typing a shitty story on the computer.

"As I looked into his eyes... we went closer and closer and... I slapped her upside the face


He accidently typed. When he was finished with his shitty novel, all the assholes if the world bought it, and soon, everyone knew and used the word "Pwnage"!
Amanda bitch-slapped Charlie in the face. Soonafter, Stan appeared from no-where and screamed

by ShadowUT0625 July 16, 2009
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"Pistol-Ownage" aka the most humiliating form of death on Halo 2 and CoD2, because pistols suck.
someone runs out of ammo in a gunfight, so he whips out his pistol and makes quick work of his opponent. "Haha! I pwned you! Pistol Ownage(pwnage)!"
by baradnorodh July 28, 2006
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