A gay-ass gamer-fag word derived from Own for the soul purpose of showing just how much he or she sucks at life.
Yo i'll Pwn u on Diablo 2 because in real life you'd tapdance on my face.
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
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1. Purposeful mispelling of the word own, Meaning to completely overpower and dominate, as in a videogame or argument. 2. to 'burn', as in an insult. Pwn'd and pwn't are it's past and present tenses. 3. To be completely cool and boss.
-After one defeats their opponent in a game-
'Dude, I pwn you.'
-After making a highly offensive statement-
-Referrign to something-
'Man, this song pwnz.'
by Pope's Secret Ninja April 10, 2005
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A terrible social meme that first cropped up in counter-strike (cs) beta 6. Earlier it was an occasional typo of own or owned (as pwned) but during the later stages of CS beta 6 became a pseudo-word in it's own right. Generally it refers to the supperior twitch-skill of the user over a lesser opponent. though has since migrated to other online, and less then online, tests of skill.

PS use of this pseudo-word should be forbidden in spoken word as it makes you sound like a 13 year old star trek nerd
"I just ran into a group of 5 T's (4) in CS with my pistol killed 4 of them and ran out without a scratch. OMG i Pwn !"
by -GunnerX December 09, 2008
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Derived from the word own, When some dumbass pressed P instead of O. Today it has become a word showing Superiority.
OMG dude. I just pwn'd your ass!
by DJvenom June 21, 2004
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To dominate the n00bs with 1337 skills

(further humiliation optional)

omfg I totaly pwn u n00b with my 1337 skillz
by Unholydebt February 14, 2007
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Pronounced: OWN

A big misconception is that it is pronounced 'pone' instead of 'own'. It was a miss-spelling of 'own', and it caught on. Just, the original people who came up with it pronounced it 'own'. But there were so many people who didn't get the joke, that they just assumed that it was pronounced 'pone'. www.purepwnage.com Explains it in episode 10.

1. It brutally win, it school someone, to get tons of headshots, etc.

2. To describe something cool or great.
Oh, no!! I just got pwned by a total n00b!

Wow, I just pwned that kid!

You got that game!? That pwns!!
by g3t_ __pWn3D January 10, 2009
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