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Putka is one really remarkable melodious bulgarian word. The strong lyricism that this word emanates is immense! Everybody should call their friends and family members PUTKAs... The famous bulgarian pop-folk (aka chalga genre) singer Azis (don't meddle with the group Oasis, but you know... they're all gays so there's no problem) has a remarkable quote "Kvo prai6 ma parcaaaal!" (Whatcha do wet rag? (gay voice)) well... It has developed now as "Kvo prai6 ma putkooo" and It sounds better influenced by Azis's Genius and the lyric power sodden in word PUTKA.

BULGARIA LOVES "PUTKA"... without "PUTKA" our fine ladies would live in a huge confusion of their real nature.

Bless you fine bulgarian putkas! We love ya, occasionally even two times a day!
"Putko zaspala prosta" (bulgarian saying)
"Vulva simplex hypnotica nonmarginata" (latin saying)

Now you see... bulgarian philosophers are successors of the latin philosophy geniuses such as Sokrates, Pythagoras, etc. Frankly, they even blanch before bulgarian thinkers.
by dEmON! July 29, 2005
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So bulgarians call the female reproductive organ.It has the same meaning like "pussy" in english
"putka mirizliva-ste te eba!" = " I will fuck you,stinking pussy"
by Inteligent January 17, 2007
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it`s in the Bulgarian Dictionary the labor instrument of on a women.
the only one with wich they earn their money.
Typa "putka" zaspala.
"Putkata" i cyfna kat maiska roza.
"Putka" sirenqsala.
Na baba ti "putkata" wisnala kat chorbadjiiska chushka"
by [KNELL]Lord_Hard April 08, 2005
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