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Puteri means princess

She's a beautiful person but she never realized it . Puteri always end up loving the wrong person . She acts like she doesnt care about you but the truth is she does , she just hates how she cant stop "caring" about you . Once she loves someone she cant stop . She's different because she can girliest girl you'll ever meet or the most boyish girl you'll ever meet. Puteri is a person you can rely on because she'll always be there for no matter how bad the things are. She loves to GIVE her friends advice and help them out with their problems but she has a hard time LISTENING to other people's advice . Fun to be around . Can be a bit judgy sometimes but nothing serious . Always sees the good in others eventho its not there . Such a jokester. Can be so clueless sometimes especially when it comes to love . She can be a bit impatient and love to take risks .
Omg puteri is such a great person !
by themanoftheworld December 29, 2017
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Puteri is so hilarious and amusing , she easily confused and panic . she always kept things personal and sometimes easily angry to the person she hate the most . she is also cute and hot
" puteri is so clever "
by Alahyemok December 25, 2016
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Puteri is so pretty , she have good smell . In indonesian Puteri means Princess . Puteri love laugh , she is cheerful & clever . but she easily hurt .
" puteri your hurt ? "
"puteri are u okay ? "
" puteri needs another puteri "
by Alahyemok December 25, 2016
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puteri if converted to english it means princess. usually have the arrogant look but once open she is bubbly and friendly girl. she can just brighten up any one's day with her sweet smile.
is your name puteri because im your putera
by mrpundek December 25, 2016
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