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To attempt to hook up with a girl. Literally means that all the guys at the bar/club who are interested in the girl will show her what they have to offer, and she will go home the "highest bidder" and probably allow him to chuck it in her.
"I'm tryin' to put my bid in / No I'm just kiddin' / Come on girl, get in."
-Snoop Dogg, "Let's Get Blown"

"I'm a put my bid in and tell you something slick / Whisper in ya ear while I'm holdin' my dick."
-E-40, "U and Dat"

Awkward tool: "Hey there girl. You are one fly-ass bitch if I do say so myself. What do you say we get out of here and go to my place? Skeet skeet!"
Girl: "Fool I'm just here to hang out with my girls. If you're trying to put your bid in, it ain't gonna work."
Awkward tool: "Really? You're taking bids? In that case, how does $100 sound? I'm a little short on cash though - is it ok if I write you a check?"
Girl: "The fuck? Oh no you didn't! I ain't no ho!" ***SMACK!***
by Nicholas D February 11, 2009
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