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A man who behaves like a pussy. Weak and spineless, worships women and feels unworthy for them, the typical femdominated slave, has no sense of own dignity. The typical westerner. Would never beat a hoe even in self-defence. Thinks those who dare to do it are fr sure monsters and should be executed right away. A no-man. The absolute opposite to a macho. A shitmonger.
Ya such a pussyman! Why did ya let that shitty whore sit on your face!
by Paper man November 03, 2014
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Pussyman is a person who is addicted to having sex with anybody, especially younger ladies.
"He is a pussyman!He just fucked 3 girls at once!"
by Mike February 15, 2005
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1. a man who enjoys the sight of beautiful naked women, specifically in porn
2. a man who enjoys seeing lesbian sex or lesbian porn
3. a man who is attracted to women eating other women
WOMAN: ""Do you like what you see pussy man?"
MAN: "Oh yeah!"
by penis-mon September 26, 2009
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