When a male with facial hair performs oral sex on a female who hasn't showered recently, his moustache and beard will pick up the odour of the female's genitalia. When this happens the male will be carrying a pusstache on his top lip until he's able to wash his face.
Huey: 'I had too many beers the other night and went home with that sweaty girl who works behind the bar.'
Dewey: 'Don't tell me you...'
Huey: 'I must have done, because the next morning I had a pusstache so strong it made the flowers in my kitchen wilt. and they were plastic!'
by Carpet Muncher November 27, 2006
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A dirty looking, poorly-kept mustache (very frequently found alongside a neckbeard, and severe acne) which can be frequently found among highschoolers and prepubescent teenagers.
Have you seen Luke's pusstache? I thought he already started puberty!
by samg381 June 13, 2017
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Also known as Snatchstache. A style of female grooming inspired by mustache and beard fashion. Popular pussatches include: handlebar, soul patch, goatee, toothbrush, pencil, fu manchu.
I was surprised to discover she was sporting a handlebar pusstache!
by Jesstice September 13, 2017
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