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A male who is in love with a female friend who does not return the feeling. Due to the one-sided nature of the infatuation, the male will often do favours for the female in the hopes that if he is nice enough to her, she will "see the light" and learn to love him back. This, of course, never EVER occurs.
When Joe confessed his love to Diane, she smiled sweetly, then asked him to look after her puppy for a week while she went off galavanting with her ex-boyfriend. Joe, a puppy boy, thought he was one step closer to being her man. He was wrong.
by Magerk April 27, 2007
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Also a common BDSM term meaning a submissive man who enjoys being treated/acting like a puppy. This can range anywhere from simply crawling and being on a leash or in a cage to full-blown cosplay, barking, and eating from a doggy dish.
Fred really likes kinky sex and even refers to himself as a puppy boy.
by MissLeannan March 19, 2011
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A male who's very clingy, mild, sweet, innocent or generaly not masculine.
trys to please pople, esspecialy a crush, even if theres no hope of them ever returning the affection.
"Alex is such a puppy boy, he fawns over that girl so much!"

"'Jake always looks so shocked in sex-ed class'
'Yeah, but he's still a cute puppy boy."
by Inukie March 27, 2009
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