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a person who rides the line between being a punk and being a hipster. This person does not care what others think of their appearance, but they feel their appearance is the only way to look cool.
A PunkHipster will wear a leather chain wallet, but that wallet will consist of brown woven leather strips WITH a matching chain fob for attaching to a belt. For example,
by ThePunkHipster November 13, 2013
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Almost like a tumblr girl just clashed with a dark side and.. Sensitive.. They are actually generous and nice people!

Punk Hipster girls tend to think that anything can go good with black combat boots. They usually wear dark make up, a little, or none at all. There's no inbetween. They love black leather jackets and skirts. They also tend to have a artsy side. They may seem dark and really attractive and seem full of rebellion on the outside but once you get to know them they are the most kind girls out there. Very stereotypical but sometimes do self harm. They might play guitar and sing a bit. If you win their heart over then don't take it for granted...

Punk Hipster boys are the keepers. They might seem all bad on the outside with their leather jackets Doc Martin boots for males and maybe be smoking a cigarette. But when there is that one special person that really gets to them they end up being the biggest cuddly bear. Their personality is key. They might self harm. They tend to see more than a girls appearance which is absolutely awesome (they don't mind if she's overweight) If you get a punk hipster boy then always keep his heart in a safe place...A place he won't get hurt..

Wrong: Iggy Iggs :Fancy, Justin Bieber :Heartbreaker, anything else usually on pop radio..

Right: The Orwells, Sleeping with Sirens, 5sos, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Viel, Blink 182, Arcade Fire, One Direction (rare), Nirvana, Lana Del Rey (also rare), Arctic Monkeys
Girl 1: Hey emo bitch!

Girl 2: Yeah go cut yourself skank!

*girl gives them a glare*

Punk Hipster girl: Don't you have to suck some a random Jocks dick? You look prettier when you do..

*smirks and walks away*
by emily gates May 28, 2014
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