actin like he's all punked up an shit
by T Punkedup January 9, 2016
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Horny. Randy. Wanting or needing sex.
Ooh baby, it's been so long, I'm feelin' all punked-up!
by EveryDamnJim January 19, 2010
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Turn up the volume and the beat and rip it up with attitude.
Everybody ready to punk it up?
by 71jtb February 14, 2012
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An old school rap song, but also a phrase that ends with " get beat down", what it means is that people who are the first to talk shit are usually the ones who get messed up in a fight...these are perhaps the wisest words of the streets...don't be that punk
OG chillin on the stoop

Wigger walks by and trips over the OG's stretched out legs

Wigger: "Watch it MAAN!"

OG: "My fault, but you shud really be lookin where you goin"

Wigger: "shutup old man before i bust a cap!!"

OG: "Word? Let's see you do it then white boy"

4 more OG's come out of the crib

Wigger: "Oh shit"

Beatdown ensues....Punks jump up......
by Ze Black Mamba January 4, 2012
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