Having sex with a woman one time and then never talking to them again
Boi Mike pulled an epic pump and dump with that girl from the bar
by sully224 December 6, 2016
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Similar to a one night stand. One who purposely fornicates with another, while not intending to see them in the future. Like a conquest.
Chad: "Dude, I scored a hot piece of ass last night!"

Ken: "What, is she like your girlfriend now or something?"

Chad: "Naw man, it was just a pump and dump scenario. I've got a date with Buffy tonight."
by Angela Wallenbrock, MD November 3, 2007
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To pump and dump a load in a hot hole and leave. Usually referring bareback sex (anal sex without a condom). A breed and bail
Dude, up for a pump and dump?

That would be great... have a few before work
by rawfcknpig January 16, 2010
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when a guy has sex with a girl with the intent to only get a nut. it consists of 1 - 5 pumps or thrusts followed by ejaculation (dump his load) followed by the departure of the male to go back to the party or wherever it was that he met the victim of the "pump and dump"
much to sallys displeasure, her and jacks sexual experience at keegans party consisted of only a pump and dump in the bathroom.
by SMairlines May 22, 2009
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To pump a stock that you own and dump it when the price goes up.
Stay away from QBID it is a pump and dump.
by Fred Silvia September 10, 2005
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A fast, unprotected sexual meeting between two gay men, where the top "pumps" the bottom and "dumps" his ejaculate inside the receiver.
I need to get off, know anyone up for a quick pump and dump?
by LChamp December 8, 2006
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act of shitting and jerking off at the same time
i only had five minutes alone in the bathroom so i had to pump and dump
by the filty whore November 15, 2009
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