Pocket pum pum is when you want a girls pum pum but you cant have the girls pum so you take the girl pum pum and put the pum pum in your pocket and save the pum pum for later which is why they call it pocket pum pum
Dariel: Yo bro John tryna get Sarah pocket pum pum
by mspocketpumpum November 27, 2021
A combination of Swahili , French , and Jamaican , that stands for hot horse(female) vagina.
Moto - hot in Swahili
Jument - female horse(chaval means male horse)

Pum Pum - what jamaicans say when referring to the vagina

Also something me and my friends say when a girl who stink walks by.
Person 1: Man you smell that.
Person 2: Yeah that girl walked by and she smelt like moto jument pum pum.
Person 1 & 2: silently giggles.
by anonymous_00099988877766655544 October 23, 2019
When a woman's vagina or pum pum is of good quality.
Cause mi gial pup pum tun up mi cum quick.

Gail u pum pum tun up come meck mi breed yu.
by Gaza youth June 27, 2012
Pum pum turn up is a Jamaican term for "Pussy turned up"
Meaning the female sexual organ has been stimulated and is 'turned on'

Or can mean her sexual organ is sweet or feels good
Eg. "Da gal dey pum pum turn up"


"E pum pum turn rite up, she hah no stress fuh get a man"
by SmokezeWeedeveryday March 26, 2014
That slut goes up to every guy and be tellin the "Mira mi pum pum!" I can't stand that skeet skeet bitch!
by *BigBootyJudy* March 16, 2011
When you wake up on Christmas and find more presents under the tree than you expected
Just came downstairs on Christmas and found a ton more presents than I expected! This Christmas I'm young, dumb, and full of pa rum pa pum pum
by Teh Masta Craka July 24, 2022